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I started this journey in 1999 with Ayhan Sicimoglu in Istanbul Turkey, and studied Afro-Cuban rhythms. I performed with Las Estrellas in Istanbul under Ayhan Sicimoglu's Afro-Cuban Project. I’ve continued my journey in Dallas  performing with different musicians in Latin, Jazz, Rock, Folk and Funk styles since 2004, along with my own band “Duriye & Friends Jazz-Funk Combo”. It’s been important for me as a conga player to apply the fundamentals of Afro-Cuban rhythms with the right technique and discipline. Attending to Berkley Percussion Festival with a scholarship was a plus for my growth on my playing. It has been great pleasure to perform with people who appreciate the profundity of Latin music. I will continue to believe in my heart beat. If your heart is beating you are a drummer. Let the drum connect your heart to your hands. Let your hands learn to dance. Growing never ends. Thanks to everybody who’s inspired, supported, and taught me in this joyful path.

Welcome to Duriye’s Rhythm Journey...

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Percussion is the oldest instrument on the earth. You beat on them they make noise...


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